ACHL is establishing itself as an independent national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community housing organisation and manages remote and town-based communities in the Kimberley and Goldfields regions in Western Australia.

In all the communities where it operates, the organisation has played an active role in providing new housing and infrastructure, employment and community development programs.

ACHL will commence offering housing management and support for local communities we work with.

In South Australia, ACHL provide tenancy and property management to Tika Tirka. Built on Kaurna land, Tika Tirka is an accommodation service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from remote and outer regional communities studying in Adelaide. Read more on our Community page.

ACHL’s work to date includes:

  • Property management
  • Tenancy management
  • Support to progress community development initiatives
  • Community/tenant led housing development
  • Improved maintenance delivery
  • Generation of relevant employment and training opportunities
  • ACHL’s approach is to engage with the community first, understand local needs, forge constructive relationships and deliver appropriate services.